You Can Again Be Officially Sorted Into Your Hogwarts House: Today in Critical Linking


It’s time to be sorted….and let your want choose you.

Pottermore is redesigned and ready to sort you into your Hogwarts house.


The weirdest thing is that I hear this the most from people who make their livings from comics: executives, editors, writers and artists, reviewers, store owners. “Why do you care so much?” they want to know.

Even though comic book characters come and go and come again, readers still care.


But Buster Books, whose owner Michael O’Mara told the Guardian in 2014 that “when you have a colouring book which is specifically for a boy or a girl, it sells three times as many copies as one without the sexual categorisation”, had held out.

On Wednesday, however, it announced on Twitter that “our publishing aim is to make sure that, going forward, all titles are gender neutral”.

The groundswell of support for gender-neutral kids books is turning into a full-on sea change.


According to layout artist Stephen Tiano, the appearance of wasting paper isn’t actually costing publishers money. “It has to do with signatures,” he says, which is industry talk for the groups of pages that printers fold and cut to assemble a book. A signature can be as few as four pages or as many as 32 or 64—all divisible by at least four. If the work is 200 pages, it could fit perfectly. If it’s 203 pages, that means there’s likely to be a page leftover from one of the signatures.

Ever wondered about the seemingly random blank pages at the front and back of your books? Wonder no more.

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