Critical Linking for January 28th, 2016

What’s the last book you read that pulled you completely in and wouldn’t let you look away?

We’re in the bleak midwinter here, so a list of 16 Books That Will Totally Suck You In seems just what the doctor ordered.


The editors pose several questions in a preface to the journal: “If a magazine publishes itself via a Tor hidden service, what does the creative output look like? How might it contrast itself with its clearweb counterparts? Who indeed will gravitate towards a dark web literary maagzine?”

So the darkweb has a literary journal. I bet they use bitcoin to not pay contributors.


We all read very widely across genre boundaries and think most readers are like that, so that’s what we try to reflect. There’s no room for snobbishness here, and we make that pretty clear to our writers from the start. We don’t try to tell people that there’s one right way to be a reader. Our readers seem to appreciate that.

A very good interview with our Managing Editor Amanda Nelson.


If you want the satisfaction of giving someone a specific book as a gift and handing them a physical object, yet know that they do all of their reading on a Kindle, there’s now an option for you. Amazon is testing Kindle E-Book Cards at the Bartell Drugs chain in Washington state. If a Gift Card Mall is like a mall, then this is like a bookstore next to the mall.


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