20 Literary Valentine’s Day Cards for Bookish Hearts

Whether you dive headfirst into Valentine’s Day dressed as Cupid while shooting styrofoam arrows at people, steal all the office candy for a private sugar high, or think it’s a holiday invented by capitalism, we can all agree we’re here for the love of books. So regardless of your stance on the holiday, here are 20 Literary Valentine’s Day Cards. I’ve included greeting cards, bookmarks, ecards, and printables. Oh, and a few are even free—take that capitalism!


Girl, You're Super via CarrieLeighHobson on etsy

Girl, You’re Super greeting card by CarrieLeighHobson


You're My Mr Darcy via typeshy

You’re My Mr. Darcy greeting card via Type Shy


Literary Notions Valentines by ABDO

Literary Notions printable by ABDO (A Family of Educational Publishers)


My Hero Batman gay card by ProyectoAlegria via etsy Printable Superwoman Catwoman lesbian Card by ProyectoAlegria via etsy

Printable My Hero Male Gay and Lesbian Couple cards by ProyectoAlegria


Edgar Allan Poe Literary Valentines by Adam Ellis on buzzfeed

Literary Valentines For The Romantic Reader In All Of Us ecards by Adam Ellis


Library Card valentine by seaandlake via etsy

Library Card Valentine greeting card by seaandlake


Valentine Bookmark by CupcakeCutieesParty via etsy

Valentine Bookmark by CupcakeCutieesParty


Funny Game of Thrones Love Card by EHdesignStore via etsy

Funny Game of Thrones Love Card by EHdesignStore


Game of Thrones Hodor Greeting Card by sackofcats via etsy

Game of Thrones Hodor greeting card by sackofcats


Harry Potter ecards by Kjersti via mer-ow on tumblr

Harry Potter Valentines ecards by Kjersti


Jane Austen Valentine Card by Ben Kling via redbubble

Austen greeting card by Ben Kling


Gollum Lord of the Rings Valentine Card by CastleMcQuade via etsy

Gollum Lord of the Rings Valentine’s card by CastleMcQuade


printable-valentine-bookmark-title via positivelysplendid

Printable Valentine Bookmarks by Positively Splendid


Sherlock funny card by CoolStuffIWant via etsy

Sherlock Card I Like You by CoolStuffIWant


shakespeare valentine card via literary emporium

Shakespeare Valentine’s Day Card by Literary Emporium


Harry Potter Card by MaeveAndMarigold via etsy

Harry Potter You’re My Favourite Muggle card by MaeveAndMarigold

You Float My Boat Stephen King It Valentine Card by Uncle Frank Productions via Facebook

You Float My Boat (Stephen King It) Valentine ecard by Uncle Frank Productions


Lord of the Rings funny Gollum card by PiranhaPrints via etsy

Lord of the Rings Gollum greeting card by PiranhaPrints


Romantic Poets Bookmarks by QuotesandProse via Etsy

Romantic Quotes Printable Bookmarks by QuotesandProse

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