Grammar Nerd Valentines for Perfectly Punctuated Love

Ah, love. So sweet, especially when expressed with technical perfection. Here’s a selection of seductive missives perfect for the wooing of any linguistically-inclined lover.

Because if you’re going to give a grammar nerd Valentines, you need grammar nerd Valentines.

A grammar nerd Valentine - I love you because you know the difference between they're, their, and there.

There’s nothing less seductive than inaccurate homonyms. A true grammar nerd can hear the difference.

A grammar nerd Valentine - You are my favorite grammar vigilante.

This card is the only one of these grammar nerd Valentines that is even more amazing on the inside than it is on the outside.

Which is impressive, because the outside is pretty amazing on its own (thank you, card maker, for finding an alternative to “Grammar Nazi”).

Inside of the Valentine - I love it when you dangle my participle.

The interior view. Hell yes.

Four amazing grammar nerd Valentines for your grammer nerd Valentine.
Variations on a theme from For the <3 of Geek. These are accurate AND clever, which makes me swoon.

You had me at WHOM - the perfect print for your grammar nerd Valentine.
This one
is actually a print, not a card – but hand it to someone while saying “Happy Valentine’s Day!” and it immediately counts as a grammar nerd Valentine.

Also: it’s awesome.

Cunning Linguist - the perfect saucy card for your grammar nerd Valentine.
Heehee. Heeheeheee.

This one is the perfect saucy pun for your talented grammar nerd Valentine. It’s both a compliment and a suggestion (or an offer).

A grammar nerd Valentine - Your proper use of grammar is a real turn on.
A simple and visually appealing statement of fact.

A grammar nerd Valentine - I love you for your grammar.

Make sure you’ll give this one to a grammar nerd Valentine who will find it charming, rather than one who will see this as evidence that their paramour didn’t get it right on the first try and couldn’t be bothered to start a new card.

Actually, maybe don’t use this one.

A grammer nerd Valentine. I love you even though


Grammar nerd Valentines - A man reading a thesaurus saunters into a tavern.

This one has nothing to do with Valentine’s day. But it’s hilarious. I’m down for seduction through synonym humor any day.

A grammar nerd Valentines - You complement me (that's a compliment).
: always entertaining, frequently romantic.

A grammar nerd Valentine - I love you more than grammar.

This one makes me want to claw my eyes out a little bit. But I fully believe that someone else could find it cute.

Maybe this one should be a Valentine given by a grammar nerd to their less grammatically obsessed lover?

Valentines for grammar nerds - the definition of love.

And finally: one that just tells it like it is.