25 Home Libraries That Are a Book Lover’s Dream: Today in Critical Linking

Visit home libraries designed by Alexa Hampton, Martin Kemp, Thomas Jayne, and more

Beware: this gallery of 25 Home Libraries That Are A Book Lover’s Dream will make you immediately and irredeemably unsatisfied with your own library.


Set in a renovated railway station and surrounded by squatters living in old rail coaches, the FCE centre offers reading sessions for children and adults, dance classes and even mariachi lessons. It is an attempt to offer an alternative to the narco culture of Mexico’s lawless hinterland: a way of life which can prove tempting for young people who see former classmates making easy money, cruising the streets in new trucks and getting the girls they want.

Puts people trying to get The Muppets out of schools in some sort of perspective.


As organizations dedicated to protecting intellectual freedom, the freedom to write, and the freedom to read, we are dismayed by the decision to recall the children’s book A Birthday Cake for George Washington. The publisher, Scholastic Press, made the decision in response to sustained criticism complaining that the book whitewashed the reality of slavery. While critics hailed the withdrawal of the book as a victory, it should raise serious questions about whether censorship, even when it is self-censorship, is ever a ‘win.’

Doesn’t this line of thinking mean that every decision NOT to publish something is “self-censorship”? Isn’t that bizarre?


My interest in compiling this list has been both community-oriented and selfish. I wanted to create a solid resource for other women writers and editors, those looking for homes for their work or for other colleagues to reach out to. I still want to throw that giant party for women editors that was the catalyst for Jen and I beginning this list at a bar months ago.

This list of presses run by women is worth perusing.

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