Critical Linking for January 21st, 2016

Here are the books we can’t wait to read in 2016! (Ranked in no particular order.)

Judging by this list of the 27 Most Exciting Books of 2016, it is going to be another great year to be a book lover.


“Maybe this is obvious,” Bernstein says, “but in the 19th century, there wasn’t radio, there wasn’t television, there wasn’t the internet.” For teens, there wasn’t even furtive snogging—as Houston adds, young people “weren’t allowed to be alone with [their] love interest in respectable, upper-middle-class society.” Instead, they had to make do with reading aloud, an activity suffused with intimacy-increasing contingencies. During dusky English (or New English) winters, reading required gathering close around an oil lamp or a bunch of candles. If two people were sharing a book, “you have to lean in close to look at the picture, and all that kind of thing,” Houston says.

Useful things, books.


Nicholas Rougeux is a designer and artist from Chicago who decided to see what it would look like if all the words were removed from classic pieces of literature. The result is Between The Words, a series of posters that celebrates the dots, dashes, and quotation marks sprinkled throughout iconic literary works.

Strang and interesting idea.



Bundle (up) with bookish leggings + 2 pairs of socks for $30 and spend the snuggly season in literary style.