Off-Panel: 22 Marvel Characters Ready for the Big Screen

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“All these kids see in the comic books are white heroes,” said Akerele co-founder Nicola McIntyre. “This lets them know that they can be heroes also.”

This weekend’s Black Comic Book Festival in Harlem, NY knocked our socks.

Little is known about the new Wasp, aside from the fact she/he is described as a “mysterious new character.” Marvel teases the character could be friend or foe, and the new direction for Wasp 2.0 might surprise us (here’s hoping, at least).

An all-new Wasp, just in time for Free Comic Book Day? Colour me cautiously optimistic about potential awesomeness.

“I will always use as much as I possibly can from the comic book,” Rosenberg said, noting that they’ll have to allow for deviations given the differences in the mythology between the Marvel comics and ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe. “The MCU is very different in terms of its mythology. In the books, everyone knows superheroes are walking around, there’s a lot of things building toward Secret Wars. We’re probably not going to be able to do a totally parallel storylines. But I take every little piece I can because it’s so good.”

We have confirmation of Season 2 of Jessica Jones!

Moustafa said he drew a lot as a kid. Money was scarce, growing up and his art was a cheap way to entertain himself. Discovering the work of Alex Ross as a teenager, he said, was the doorway to getting more serious about his art and figuring out his path to the industry.

Loving this profile of Ibrahim Moustafa, who is soundly killing it on Doctor Fate this week.


Comic Book Resources names 22 Marvel characters who deserve the big screen treatment (I find the lack of Alpha Flight on this list displeasing).

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