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Late Sunday night, David Bowie’s family announced that he had died after an eighteen-month battle with cancer. Like many of you, I was devastated; it wasn’t so much that I thought Bowie literally immortal, as that it was so unexpected coming just two days after what would turn out to be his final studio album.

I have been listening to a lot of Bowie the past couple of days. A lot of you have been rewatching Bowie’s movies, especially Labyrinth if my Twitter feed is anything to go by. I think I might read some comics to remember him. Not so much comics about Bowie (though those do exist); rather comics in the key of Bowie. Or, considering how much Bowie reinvented himself and his music, a key of Bowie.

I’m really going to miss you, David Bowie.

from Remembering David Bowie Through Comics by Charles Paul Hoffman


Scarlet Witch #1 by James Robinson, Vanesa del Rey, Jordie Bellaire, and Cory Petit (Charles Paul Hoffman)

I went into Scarlet Witch #1 pretty blind. I heard about the series when it was announced, but have never felt a particularly strong connection to either of the Maximoff twins, so I didn’t expect to fall in love. But, it was a female-led book from Marvel, so I had to read at least the first issue… And I was absolutely floored. The expressionist art by Vanesa del Rey is stunning, made all the more amazing by Jordie Bellaire’s limited color palette. Long-time fans of Wanda might be turned off slightly by the new status quo—her powers now seem to come from actual witchcraft—but after years of confusion over her powerset and mental state I find it a welcome change. At its best, the book looks and feels a lot like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, except actually on a monthly schedule. I’m so in. Now I just have to kick something off my pull list to make room for it…

from The Best Comics We Read In December 2015 by Ali Colluccio


This week Emma Watson announced that she is starting a feminist book club and crowd sourced suggestions for the name on Twitter before settling on Our Shared Shelf.

We here at Panels thought those taking part in Our Shared Shelf might appreciate some comic book suggestions to add to their list of potential future titles. All of my suggestions were written by women and whilst they don’t all directly address the subject of feminism they all offer reflections on the experience of being a woman, stories and musings that would certainly provoke conversation about feminism.

from Comics for Emma Watson’s Feminist Book Group by Hattie Kennedy


The year 2016 is here, it’s fear (Trump’s poll numbers are rising in my state y’all and I’mnervous), and I’m not sure I’ll get used to it.

To avoid dealing with the present, let’s reflect on the past. How was queer comics representation in the latter half of 2015?

from Out With a BOOM!: Overview of Queer Comics 2015 by Jon Erik Christianson


noelle ship

Oscar Isaac sings and plays the guitar to “Star Wars”; it only makes sense that Poe should share his talent. Thanks to Noelle Stevenson for this piece.

from Art Roundup: Finn/Poe of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS by Jon Erik Christianson


Each month, we bring you 5 intriguing comics—whether destined to become bestsellers or under the radar—that you should keep an eye out for.

from 5 Comics to Watch for in January by Charles Paul Hoffman

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