Book Fetish: Volume 190

This installment of Book Fetish is sponsored by the Book Riot Store. It’s time to build your bookish wardrobe! Buy any tee and get socks free this week only!



Mordor Fun Run Shirt: Obviously one does not simply walk into Mordor, but if you’re going to run, why not try to set a PR? Maybe raise some money for the local Y?

mordor fun run shirt

Book Bento Box: Bento lunch boxes are all the rage, even if you’re not in Japan. And why not carry your lunch disguised as a book? Especially if you don’t want anyone to steal your chocolate pudding.

book bento

book bento detail

Harry Potter PJ Gift Set: Would wear 100%.

harry potter pj gift set

Keyboard Waffle Iron: Change your breakfast game with a waffle iron that every writer (or reader) can love. (Also, a great way to work out your aggression in the face of writer’s block).

keyboard waffle iron

Just My Type Mug: Obviously if you’re making keyboard-shaped waffles, you’re going to need a typewriter mug for your morning coffee. It’s practically the law.

just my type typewriter mug

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