Critical Linking for January 13th, 2016

That got me thinking. How the heck does anyone get these books read? How do I become a person that’s read all these books rather than talked about them?

Long story short: the way to read as much as you want to read is to read even just a little bit everyday.


On Tuesday the retailer announced a new partnership with the University of Pennsylvania. Later this year, Amazon will open a 3,600 square foot package pickup point, or unstore, on the University of Pennsylvania campus. The unstore will be located at 1920 Commons building, where it will share space with the dining hall and a Starbucks.

Amazon’s second beachhead into the retail world is now open.


In a nutshell, that means that where somebody buys something is not necessarily where they made the buying decision. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber getting free shipping on your books, you go to Amazon to buy regardless of where you learned about the book.

Book publishing, and by extension book selling, is both simpler and much more complicated than it used to be.


Over the holiday, The Fifth Season author N.K. Jemisin shared some exciting news on her blog: her occasional reviews of science fiction and fantasy books for The New York Times Book Review has now become a new column focusing entirely on science fiction and fantasy!

Welcome news, indeed.

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