Critical Linking for January 12th, 2016


Like most bibliophiles, I love to urge others to read my favorite books.  I hope you enjoy this list of books that leave you feeling better than when you started them.

A couple of surprises on this list of 14 Books That Will Make You Feel Better.


Super hero comics aren’t often about change. When they are, they’re about the illusion of change. Our heroes are doomed to face the same villains time and time again. The same tragedies. The same victories. The same defeats. While we’re stuck in the cycle, we might as well get the best possible, most engaging stories out of them.

There are pros and cons to the problem of writing timeless characters, as there is with all kinds of writing.


To be clear: The UN is full of delegates representing awful dictatorships, and the 2015 book that it says got checked out the most from the UN library was about … how to be immune from war crimes prosecution. 

This is….not reassuring.



This is what happens when Emma Watson picks your book for her book club.

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