Critical Linking for January 7th, 2015

While there’s no such thing as a list that has everything, we feel certain this preview — at 8,600 words and 93 titles — is the only 2016 book preview you’ll need. Scroll down to get started.

For literary fiction devotees, The Millions’ 2016 Book Preview is a cornucopia.


UN Women Goodwill ambassador Emma Watson is starting a feminist book club. But she doesn’t have a name. The actress enlisted her fans’ help Wednesday to come up with a better name for her book club than “Emma’s Book Club.”

Very cool that she is starting a feminist book club, but naming it does seem hard.


Each coin features the obligatory portrait of the queen, but the flip sides include homages to Shakespeare’s plays and Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit as well as historical events such as the Battle of Hastings and the Great Fire of London.

I seem to have been vastly underestimating the relative importance of Peter Rabbit to English culture.


The women shown here are thin, elongated, and drawn in an almost fetishistic way, including the low cut pants that apparently seem de rigueur in all the best mutant circles this year. Regular readers of comics are used to strange distorted way that bodies are shown in comics but for people looking in, it can seem creepy, overtly sexual, and very infantile.

Change is coming to every part of literary representation. Even the non-textual kind.

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