Critical Linking for January 6th, 2015

Half treasure hunt, half meditative experience, time spent in a bookstore is never time wasted. So if you’re looking for the perfect place to unload some of your recently acquired holiday cash, pay homage to the bibliophile’s paradise and pick up one of these eleven books set in bookshops.

It’s bookish Inception with these 11 Books Set in Bookstores.


The recent disappearance of five men tied to a publisher of provocative books about China’s top leaders has alarmed many people in this semiautonomous city, some who fear that the historic agreement guaranteeing the former British colony its separate government and legal system may have been dealt a severe blow.

Disturbing story.


In a brief letter to employees, PRH CEO Markus Dohle said with the sale of Author Solutions, a leader in supported self-publishing services, that “we reaffirm our focus on consumer book publishing through our 250 imprints worldwide, and our commitment to connecting our authors and their works to readers everywhere.”

So not only is PRH not expanding it’s efforts into self-publishing, but the world’s largest publisher is actually getting out of the game all together.


 First and foremost, you’ve got to vote with your dollars. When you find a diverse title that you really love, buy it! You might also choose to prioritize your comics dollars; my funds to spend on comics are limited, so I try to make sure that when I buy a comic it is one that celebrates diversity. I’ll wait a little longer to read non-diverse titles by using something like Marvel Unlimited so that I can make sure I use my dollars to forward a comics world I can be proud of.

The comics market is so much smaller than the general book market that voting with your dollars for more diversity goes even further.

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