8 Books To Understand Islam in America: Today in Critical Linking

One reason this rhetoric resonates with a sizeable segment of the public is that Americans remain largely ignorant about fellow Americans who happen to be Muslim. A recent Brookings Institution poll shows that people who knew Muslims personally have far more favorable views of Muslims in general than those who don’t know any. This is true across the political spectrum.

Here are some books that will, I hope, complicate perceptions and deepen the conversation:

A needed 8 books about Muslim life for a nation that knows little about Islam.


The long list for the 2016 Tournament of Books, with 86 titles culled from the year’s finest fiction.

The Rooster crows.


The book marks Austen’s best use of free indirect discourse, with the narration hewing close enough to Emma’s own perspective that the reader stays blind to the secrets that are also kept from Emma herself but not so close that the heroine’s self-absorption becomes unbearable. Austen’s execution of the form, still relatively new in that period, marked an important turning point in literature. “She didn’t invent free indirect discourse,” Wells says, “it had been used by others—but she’s certainly the one who took it the farthest and established its primacy, its necessariness.”

On Emma‘s 200th anniversary.

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