Agent Carter Gift Guide: Know Your Value

I love Peggy Carter. I want to be more like Peggy Carter. My English accent needs some work, and I should practice my hand-to-hand combat in the mirror more often, but I’ve got that love of Steve Rogers and confident walk down pat. Maybe you know someone like me and are looking to delight them with an Agent Carter related gift this this holiday season, or maybe you’ve got “Do as Peggy says” tattooed on your arm and you’re looking to treat your self—either way, this guide should help you out.

If you only get one thing for the Agent Carter fan in your life, please make sure it’s Peggy’s red lipstick from Bessame Cosmetics. I have two tubes of this. It’s magical.


To complete your every day Peggy cosplay, you’ll need OPI’s Cinnamon Sweet. Your local beauty supply store should have this, and it’s available at most Target stores in the USA.

peggyshoesAgent Peggy Carter Shoes

You can’t know someone until you walk in their shoes, so head over to B.A.I.T. Footwear to snag the shoes Peggy wears throughout the first season (as seen in the above promo image). Sadly, the Violet shoes are sold out in Peggy’s navy blue, but the emerald green and berry are very pretty and would look great with a navy pinstripe suit.


Sometimes you just want to carry around Peggy’s SSR badge in your wallet.


To prepare for season two, make sure you have Agent Carter season one, and don’t bother checking any stores as it is exclusive to Amazon.

We Love Fine Agent Carter Shirt We Love Fine Agent Carter Shirt

There are a few Peggy Carter shirts available from We Love Fine, but these two are my favorite.


Peggy finally has her own Pop Funko! It’s sold out most places online, but the Hot Topic exclusive Agent Carter pop funko is still currently in stock (at this very minute). Be sure to check your local comic shop—they may even be able to order it for you.


A sort-of tie-in/prequel to season one, Operation S.I.N. comic mini series is now available as a trade.


peggyandangie peggystickers

Everyone needs some adorable Peggy and Angie art and stickers from this delightful etsy shop.

Finally, the best gift Agent Carter gave us, and one you can save for yourself and give to all your friends—these two gifs.

peggy1c peggy2b

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