Bookish Memes My Facebook Friends Won’t Stop Sharing With Me

Sometimes being a reader is a little like being a goldfish…especially on Facebook. Once people catch on to the fact that you’re a bookworm, everything book related reminds them of you. Hell, you might be the only voracious reader they know! But yeah, once your family and friends catch on, every bookish piece of furniture, holiday tree, or meme has your name all over. Now, I’m not hatin’. I appreciate that my friends and family appreciate that I love books, but it is pretty funny when I start seeing the same shares across our collective readerly Facebook pages.

These are some of the most common.


Holiday book trees for days and at every level of quality. I have no idea whose home this is, but sometimes I feel like I live there because I’ve spent so much time in it…yearly.


I’m not sure how many illustrated definitions of the book hangover exist, but I’ve been tagged in most of them.

book furniture

Talk is  cheap. Everyone shares book furniture photos, but does anyone ever offer to build them for us? Nooooo.

book chair

Don’t forget this one.

book chair 2

Oh, yep, this one, too.

book clock

If you tire of chairs, there are always book clocks.

book life commentary


Don’t forget the book/life commentary.

book life commentary literary terms

And literary terms as applied to reality. I find these are most often shared by other book lovers since no one else seems to understand even basic literary language.

amazon order

And finally, people think they’re underestimating the size of our book orders when they share this one.

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