Critical Linking for December 10th, 2015

Amazon put out its list of 2015’s best-sellers today, and the selection was an intriguing mix of history, potboilers and mystery, with Hawkins’ debut novel — about an alcoholic woman struggling to remember a possible crime — at No. 1.

Amazon’s list of the 10 best-selling books of 2015 isn’t definitive, but it certainly is representative.


However, while I read singles more often than I used to, I’m still not like some comics fans who read in that format primarily. For you, would adding dozens upon dozens of single issues get annoying? Would it make it messier to organize Goodreads and be harder to rate? That would also have way more of an impact on your reading challenge count, if that matters to you.

So interesting that Goodreads isn’t really set up to handle comics…might be an opportunity for a competitor?


A school board member who fears a children’s book about the Muppets is too graphic for young children will try to get the book removed from kindergarten curriculum at a Wednesday meeting between Marshfield school officials and community members.

I shouldn’t be surprised. And yet.

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