Comics Crafts – Christmas Gifts Edition!

It’s coming on Christmas, the weather in Scotland is appalling, and all I want to do is hunker down on my sofa, drink some mulled wine, listen to Christmas tunes and do some quality crafting.

If, like me, you are a fan of a homemade Christmas gift then you might like the following round up of (mostly) quick and easy Comicsy Christmas Crafts for the comics lover in your life. I always have much bigger plans that I can actually deliver, but this year I think I have chosen small enough gifts that I might just get them all done on time.

Calvin and Hobbes


Who doesn’t love Calvin and Hobbes? (The Grinch probably, but other than him?) The answer is no-one, because this little boy and his cuddly tiger pal are just the best. Tell your BFF that you love them as much as Calvin loves Hobbes with this cute cross stitch pattern by Tiny Needle on Etsy.




Wonder Woman Mittens


I am definitely going to whip myself up a set of these Wonder Woman fingerless gloves from Ducky Dame. They are so cute and I reckon I will feel kick-ass when wearing them!





I think this crocheted Captain America by Michelle sCW is just the cutest! I think he would look ace on the bookshelf at work, or sitting next to my computer.





Superhero Panel


I might not have time to do this whole Cross Stitch Superhero Alphabet for a single gift but I might do specific individual figures for my special friends. Fangirl Stitches’ Etsy Shop is amazing.






Snoopy Booties



I nearly died when I saw these Snoopy booties by Janet Jameson on Ravelry! My friends with tiny babies will definitely stand a good chance of getting a pair of these for their wee ones.




Non Compliant Mitts


These non-compliant fingerless gloves that featured on Women Write About Comics are so, so cool. Make these for an awesome friend for Christmas!





Let me know in the comics below if you make any of the patterns above, and I’ll be back to share pictures of my crafty gifts after I’ve handed them over!

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