Off-Panel: Margaret Atwood is Writing a Graphic Novel

Our daily round-up of news around the comics space, from the gutters and beyond.

“Margaret Atwood, who has written poetry, children’s literature and fiction and nonfiction, is adding another genre to her repertoire: graphic novels. Dark Horse Comics will publish “Angel Catbird,” written by Ms. Atwood and drawn by Johnnie Christmas, in the fall of 2016.”

Here. For. This.

“With the massive comic storyline set to make the transition from page to screen next year, Marvel Comics has announced plans for a sequel to the Civil War arc to hit at about the same time — so look for the All New, All Different universe to get ripped rick back apart.”

Let’s hear it: a resounding ughghghghhhhghghhhhh.

“Making plain ol’ white cardboard short boxes a thing of the past, BCW Supplies has introduced a new line featuring licensed comics art.”

I’m not a fan of storing my comics in boxes, but these are gorgeous enough to make me rethink my stance!


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