Inbox/Outbox: December 4, 2015

In Inbox/Outbox, we document the rhythm of readers’ lives by sharing comics we acquired, the comics we finished, and the next comics we plan to read each week.

Inbox (Comics Acquired)

sylvania-1Sylvania #1 – Kristin Kemper (Comicker Digital)

This is a GORGEOUSLY drawn webcomic (that’s also being released in digital issues) about three sisters who are also witches. I was sold on this when glancing through the art. But the fact that it’s written by a woman and is about three sisters? It looks so great. SO GREAT. I am going to dive into this pretty much immediately after writing this post.

Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind by Travis Langley (Ed.) (Sterling)

I mean, did you not think I’d be all over this? It’s the psychology of the Star Wars universe and I’m so here for it. It’s not a comic, it’s prose, but it’s Star Wars, which I have accepted as my benevolent overlord. It’s my life now. I’m okay with this.

Outbox (Comics Finished)

BoxOfficePoisonNEW_frontCoverBox Office Poison – Alex Robinson (Top Shelf Productions)

I vaguely knew that Alex Robinson was a comics writer/artist, but I knew him primarily from his podcast Star Wars Minute. What I didn’t realize is how insightful and talented he is, besides his insane Star Wars knowledge and sense of humor. This comic is an amazing and insightful look at twenty-somethings living in Brooklyn and trying to find themselves and meaning in their lives, with a great subplot that provides insightful commentary on the comics industry. It’s incredibly good.

Shenzhen: A Travelogue from China by Guy Delisle (Drawn and Quarterly)

I absolutely adore all of Guy Delisle’s comics. Whether he’s writing about his travels as a cartoonist or about parenting, I will pick up anything with his name on it. This volume was about Delisle’s trip to Shenzhen, China, and the utter weirdness of the journey. It’s not exactly a tourist destination, so Delisle has to find excitement in the mundanity that’s around him.

In the Queue (What I’m Reading Next)

food-wars-1Food Wars, Vol. 1 – Yuto Tsukuda, Yuki Morisaki, and Shun Saeki (Viz Media)

I’ve heard a lot about this manga, and I’m always here for food writing. I haven’t read a ton of foodie comics, though (most of my experience in that regard is with Lucy Knisley’s excellent work), so I’m excited to dive into this manga. It feels like it’s going to be a reality show in manga form, and I’m ready for it.

How about you? What comics did you read this week?

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