Critical Linking for December 4th, 2015


In an epic year for young adult lit, in the midst of a YA golden age, these are the 2015 books that made us laugh, cry, ship, reread, and stay up late, that inspired us to add too many exclamation points to our emails and too many gifs to our online reviews. These are the best of the best reads of the year.

A lot of familiar titles on this list of the 20 Best YA Books of 2015.


A host of authors, including JK Rowling, David Nicholls, Jonathan Coe and Evie Wyld have powered a crowdfunded anthology of essays on race and immigration to its funding target in just three days.

I do often wonder if writers really know how much influence they have.


A debate over library privacy is raging in Japan after newspaper Kobe Shimbun revealed several of the books internationally famous novelist Haruki Murakami checked out of Kobe High School’s library during his time as a student. The report sparked outcry from Japanese librarians, who decry the publication of the records as a violation of privacy.

What a crappy move.

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