Off-Panel: Supergirl Picked Up for a Full Season!

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“As Disney strives to change that with what Southern called “a really concerted effort”, retailers are being tested, as they figure out how to arrange displays and which fans to target. One issue is that some toy sections are segregated by gender, said Ken Nisch, chairman of JGA, a retail design consultancy.”

Basically, gender-segregated stores are being undone by Star Wars merch. YES.

Supergirl will remain airborne through (at least) Spring 2016.

CBS on Monday ordered an additional seven episodes of Greg Berlanti’s super-fun DC drama, bringing its Season 1 total to 20 episodes. Although that’s technicallytwo episodes shy of a traditional full-season order, CBS is calling it a “full season” pickup.”

Not a surprise, but it’s welcome news!

Jessica Jones may be the most subversive of Marvel’s superhero stories thus far, but it’s still full of cameos, shout-outs and connections—to the cinematic universe it is part of, and the comic books it came from. Here’s a few of the links to the wider world of Marvel movies and comics we noticed while watching.”

This is a great list.

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