Off-Panel: Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman from Set!

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“17 comics about being tired that are too real—more sleep please.”

Can you please stop yammering? I’m trying to nap here.

“Comic book shops bring a lot of value to the table, too. Our biggest value just doesn’t happen to be buying the publishers’ comics; it’s our ability to nurture and grow the fan base. Good shops already do this, but not enough of us focus primarily on this.”

This is my LCS (I’m hosting a Ms Marvel Vol. 4 book club there on 12/3!), and I 100% think what they are doing, focusing on building community rather than selling comics, is awesome.

“Warner Bros. weren’t able to get ahead of their cast in regards to the first images teased from the Wonder Woman set but they have finally released our first official look at Gal Gadot.”

asdf!*fhoahlanjaudbjanoajdududnfjlf I CANNOT WAIT

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