23 Funny, Brilliant, Cute, & Awesome Bookish Baby Onesies

Before your kid is old enough to demand to choose his/her own outfit (rain boots, tutu, and cape!) or is stripping off layers and streaking through the house with toddler glee, you get a small window where you get to dress them. During this time you could technically view them as baby billboards if you were to, let’s say, dress them in bookish baby onesies to announce to the world your love of books (hopefully their future love). And be still my bookish heart there are tons to choose from–or, you know, one for every day of the week.

Okay, so that face steals the picture but this Where the Wild Things Are baby onesie is pretty great too.

where the wild things are onesie by pennyfromheavenshop via etsy

9 Months Ago My Mom Read Fifty Shades of Grey – Shocking to no one the Grey jokes have made it even onto onesies.

fifty shades of grey baby bodysuit onesie by MaryAndMaddy via etsy


Another baby that wins the Internet is this little Harry Potter wearing Hogwarts Class of (personalized) onesie.

Hogwarts Class of Harry Potter personalized baby onesie by raegun via etsy

And if one HP onesie isn’t enough here’s a Snuggle this Muggle one-piece.

Snuggle this Muggle baby onesie

To wear or not to wear– I vote wear for this William Shakespeare baby onesie.

William Shakespeare Baby One Piece

Or perhaps Mr. Darcy still has your heart in which case Jane Austen is your preferred author.

Jane Austen Baby One Piece onesie

For down-the-rabbit-hole fans:

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Bodysuit baby onesie

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland onesie styled after the book’s graphics.Alice inspired baby onesie by MyHeartnSoulBoutique via etsyComical Alice inspired costume-ish onesie that lets baby be a big-headed Alice.

If you still quote The Princess Bride and can’t wait to share it with your child:

Inigo Montoya Onesie The Princess Bride

Inigo Montoya onesie (You killed my father. Prepare to die!)

The Princess Bride baby onesie is this a kissing book

“Is This A Kissing Book?” one-piece

Not sure anyone can argue with I’m Not Saying I’m Batman baby body-suit so it must be true…

Batman baby onesie body-suit

For fans of The Walking Dead and puns: The Crawling Dead onesie.

The WAlking Dead baby onesie

Lord of the Rings baby bodysuit is pretty genius.

Lord of the Rings baby onesie

Baby of House (personalized) onesie inspired by Game of Thrones.

Personalized Game of Thrones onesie by TwinkleJellyDesigns via etsy

One onesie, two book mashup: Here’s Wally.

Here's Wally Bookish baby onesie

A onesie perfect for all the bookworms in training.

bookworm onesie baby bodysuit

I Read the Classics baby bodysuit—I’m going to assume this baby read one of the classics where someone died.

I Read the Classics baby bodysuit onesie by LittleLiterary via etsy

For a quirky art design I love this A Good Book baby onesie.

A Good Book baby onesie

And this lovely illustration: It Was A Cold And Windy Night.

It was a cold and windy night book babyonesie

It’s been said a few times that the book is always Better Than the Movie.

Better than the movie baby book onesie

And Never Judge a Book By It’s Movie.

Never judge a book by its movie babyonesie

I’ve Got Issues baby bodysuit for the pun loving comic book fan.

I've got issues comic book baby onesie

For the goal oriented baby we have Eat, Poop, Read.

Eat Poop Read baby onesie

And if you’re still craving more baby onesies inspired by books here are ten more!

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