Critical Linking for November 20th, 2015

Books by Sonali Dev, Joanna Shupe, Kate Meader, Alisha Rai and Emma Chase are standouts.

Book Riot favorite Sarah Maclean picks the 5 Best Romances of 2015.


Mr. Offerman, who is dressed by the cast in a fat suit as the show opens, in another not particularly ingenious story-theater touch, delighted the opening night audience with his rumbling, high-toned oratory.

This is review of the stage version of A Confederacy of Dunces is not positive, but this description alone makes me want to see it.


On Friday night I closed the shop at 9 in the evening and caught the Metro home and got in my door just about 9:15, and almost as soon as I closed the door I heard gunfire. In my youth, I had spent one year in Vietnam, and the sound when I heard it was a very familiar one, even after all these years. It could sound like a whole bunch of firecrackers going off but it also can be automatic rifle fire.

A harrowing account of the Paris attacks from a local bookseller.

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