Off-Panel: Luke Skywalker, Murderer?

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“Manhwa—the South Korean term for printed comics—have long been popular, but recently more and more Western companies have been collaborating with Korean artists to bring their characters to the country.”

Marvel’s bringing South Korean Avengers comics to the United States.

“We all know our favorite heroes have plenty of blood on their hands, but Luke’s track record pretty much wipes out any ideas you might have about the spotless Jedi.”

Yep, Luke Skywalker killed a LOT of people.

“Parenting is certainly full of ups and downs — which is why Motherhood Comics by Héloïse Weiner really hit home. Over a year ago, Weiner began making her comics in her native language, French, to create memories of her three boys.”

I’m not a parent, but these are great.

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