Critical Linking for November 17th, 2015

We can’t remember the last 12-month period that gave us such a strong run of new science fiction and fantasy books, spanning every subgenre on the shelves. Below, we’ve selected 25 of our favorites—these are the best books of the last year, and any of them would rank alongside our favorites of any year.

Intriguing list of the 15 best Science Fiction and Fantasy books of 2015.


In 1851, Charles Dickens moved into Tavistock House, the London home where he was to write Bleak House and A Tale of Two Cities, among other works. Wanting for some unknown reason to fill a space in his study with a selection of false books — complete with witty names he thought up himself — he wrote to a bookbinder with a list of “imitation book-backs” to be created specially for his bookshelf.

What a book blogger Dickens would have been.


Decaying books are strewn throughout the nuclear wasteland of Fallout 4, writes Jecks, but they shouldn’t be overlooked. When players return overdue books to the Boston Public Library, they get tokens that can be traded for everything from bubblegum to a copy of the fictional Massachusetts Surgical Journal. That magazine is an extremely valuable within the game, writes Kristian Wilson for Bustle, because each issue increases the playable character’s strength.

*Runs out to buy a video game contraption*

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