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Twenty-seven years after its premiere, reading Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman (Vertigo) and its related books can be daunting, especially now with the publication of the prequel miniseries The Sandman: Overture. Where should you start reading? What is skippable? What is the difference between The Sandman and The Sandman Presents? Where will you keep all of this after you buy it? Read on and find out!

from Navigating Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman: What to Read and When by Charles Paul Hoffman


With the current glut of comic book adaptations on television right now, there is a number of common elements viewers can see recur on their screens: spandex outfits, continuity nods, secret identity drama, love triangles, white people.

Most notable, however, is the wig—no wiggity.

Hiding your identity? Hail a hairpiece! Reliving a flashback? Raise the rug! Donning an evil persona? Do what Donald does.

From best to worst, here are the seven wigs that are in my crosshairs—whether they impress me, distress me, or give me the wiggins.

from Gettin’ Wiggy With It: The Best and Worst Wigs of Current Comics TV by Jon Erik Christianson


With the Vision recently introduced to a lot of people via the second Avengers film, this book makes a great case for an Art of the Start. If you only know the Vision from the movies — can you pick upVision #1 and follow along? Does it compel you to want to read more?

My answer? Yes, and oh my god yes.

from The Art of the Start: VISION #1 by Dave Accampo


Have you seen Crimson Peak? Wasn’t it great? (If you haven’t, what are you doing? Now is the perfect time to see it!)

I came to a realization after seeing it: there are not nearly enough Gothic comics in the world. I’m not talking about comics that are dark and scary like Locke & Key, or comics that have the similar existence of ghosts-but-not-ghost-story, like Gotham Academy. I’m talking true, gothically sumptuous, period dramas with random supernatural elements and a deeper story to tell.

from We Need More Gothic Comics (Hello, Crimson Peak!) by Jessica Pryde


Over the next few months, Vertigo is launching a number of new titles. October sees four such titles debut, and we’ve rounded them up to share our thoughts on the individual titles — as well as Vertigo’s overall direction.

from Vertigo #1s Round-Up: October 2015 by Dave Accampo


Last week, the first annual installment of the second part of Cursed Pirate Girl came out, and guys, it’s awesome. I understand that sentence might be confusing, so let me clarify: in 2010, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, Jeremy Bastian published a graphic novel called Cursed Pirate Girl. Now, we’re getting the continuation of her adventures in the form of the first annual publication, which is 52 beautiful new pages. Eventually, four of the annual issues will be combined to make Cursed Pirate Girl Volume Two. Here are some reasons why you should get really into it, like right now. 

from 5 Reasons You Should Be Reading Cursed Pirate Girl by Hilary Lawlor


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