Off-Panel: Classic Newspaper Comic Strips Are Back!

Our daily round-up of news around the comics space, from the gutters and beyond.

Both comic books and comedy have a lot to do with surprise. And also the turn. In comedy, a great turn is what often causes laughter; in comics, there’s the literal turn of the page. So you end a panel with the set up and hopefully you deliver on the payoff, very similar to a punchline.

Comics on comics! Six comedians talk about how and why they create comics.

Next Sunday, hundreds of newspapers around the country will give their comics readers a special treat: a colorful 16-page insert of classic newspaper strips.

Time for a trip down memory lane.

“To anyone in the comics community that has ever suffered at the hands of another, been ridiculed, made to feel as if your voice doesn’t matter… I challenge you. SPEAK UP. Don’t hide. Don’t be ashamed as I was. Make your voice heard. Speak up and speak out.”

Roc Upchurch’s wife does just that, addressing recent news about her estranged husband’s return to comics.

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