Critical Linking for November 5th, 2015

So, are you a fair-weather fan of books, or a dedicated diehard? Do you have a bit of wanderlust, or do you prefer to read about locales instead of actually going to them? Put your jetsetting tendencies to the test.

Man, if this checklist of literary landmarks is any indication, I have a lot of book-related sight-seeing I need to do.


Anna’s speaking about the decisions she’s made in the third person—as if the person who betrayed Karenin was a stranger. And she does seem to be transformed here, as though she’s become a different person. I was so surprised by that. I think of it as a very modern insight, Tolstoy’s idea that there may be two, or more, different people inside of us.

Mary Gaitskill on Anna Karenina.


This year, a new law in Louisiana made it a crime to distribute “material harmful to minors through the Internet” without first asking users to verify that they’re 18 years old. But booksellers in the state, in a lawsuit filed today with legal help from the ACLU and a media trade group, argue that the law is so vague, it will effectively force them to put a wall in front of their entire catalogs, or else risk steep fines.

Maybe we should just bury children in underground bunkers until they are 18. That makes about as much sense as this law.


A stop on Carrie’s recent book tour turned into an opportunity for her to practice her skills as a minister. No surprise here — she’s excellent!

If there is an annals of book tour random events, this surely is inscribed there.

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