Off-Panel: Kate Beaton Talks Diverse History and Feminism

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“You don’t want to make fun of people who were genuine heroes, whose life was hard, who struggled against injustice … so you construct a punchline that skewers the society that failed them. But for a while I left those types of figures out because I didn’t want to be seen to be making fun … but then you’re only making comics about the powerful white guys and that’s just another example of leaving out stories. I didn’t want that either. And my comics, they’re not amazing history books, they’re not legit in the same way but I wanted to include more diverse stories.”

Kate Beaton, literally the queen of everything good and right in the world.

Ninety percent of the time when I’m working, there’s this very palpable sensation that I’m doing everything wrong and should just give up. I don’t know if you saw Birdman, but you know how the superhero character is always pushing him? I have a version of that, but instead of it constantly saying, “Oh, you’re a star and you’ve made billions,” it’s more like, “Give up! You suck!”

Adrian Tomine with some real talk for The Guardian.

stan lee action figure

Um. There’s a Stan Lee action figure now. I’m not convinced this needed to happen.

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