Critical Linking: November 1, 2015


Young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 are more likely to have read a book than people in older generations. Only 68 percent of 50 to 64 year olds, and 69 percent of the 65+ age range have read a book in the last year, while 80 percent of young adults have. While it would be great to herald the literary appreciation of the younger generation, it may simply be that young adults are more likely to be students, and would thus be required to pick up a novel at some point. 

Facts about American reading habits. These skew a little pessimistic — though this is worth the read for the referenced data alone.


Over the summer we learned that Tokyo is getting its own bookstore-themed hostel. Now, we know when it opens its doors: November 5.

The interior of Book and Bed looks like something out of a book lover’s fantasy. Lining the shelves of the hostel are hundreds of English and Japanese titles. Books are even hung from the ceiling in a way that makes them appear as if they’re gliding overhead. Guests can read on one of the hostel’s sofas piled with pillows, or in their capsule-style sleeping quarters equipped with personal reading lamps. Some beds are even located behind the actual bookshelves, and guests can climb a ladder to access the second level. 

Who is making plans to go to Tokyo now?


November is Native American History Month! Cue the sound of a trumpet heralding something important. I’d like to take the opportunity, with this article, to be able to direct you to books about and by Native peoples. These books matter. You ought to have them. However, don’t confine the use of books by and about Native people—or any other group—to a single day or month. We are here, it must be said, all year-round—just like everyone else. The following works for young adults should be read, displayed, and celebrated in every collection.

Here’s a great reading list for Native American History Month.


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