The Week’s Most Popular Posts: October 26 – 29, 2015

Let’s catch up on the week that was, here on Panels:

Who wouldn’t want to go out on Halloween dressed as Ms Marvel?

(Don’t bother answering that. I already know it… NO ONE!)

That’s because she is the best and so I have come here today to share some thoughts on how you could put together a top-notch Ms Marvel ensemble with only a modicum of effort.

Now I know that not everyone delights in hanging out with some fabric paint and glitter as much as I do (shush, my mum says I am VERY cool) which is why I have tried to keep this easy peasy!

from DIY: Making a Kamala Khan Costume (with No Sewing!) by Hattie Kennedy


Kamala Khan has a big nose. Squirrel Girl has buck teeth and short hair. Zephyr is fat. Amanda Waller, in her best iteration, is also fat. She-Hulk is ripped. Wolverine is a runt.

Those qualities inform a character’s history, personality, and station. Too often, character designs are treated as latex suits that can be stretched and torn and bleached to fit every artist’s muse.

from Revealing Pros’ Pros With A Nose: Perfect “Imperfections” in Comics by Jon Erik Christianson


On Friday we got the full trailer for the latest Marvel Netflix series, Jessica Jones. Panelteers Preeti and Ali have thoughts and feelings they’d like to share with the class.

Ali: WE HAVE A TRAILER!!! Like a real one! A real, this-is-what-the-show-is-about kind of trailer!



Preeti: I love that the first scene we see, is one from the comic book.

Ali: They’re doing a really great job at capturing the look and feel of the comic series. The teasers have all had that water-colory look from the David Mack covers. But the guy getting thrown out of the office window is On Point!

from Breaking Down The Jessica Jones Trailer by Ali Colluccio


Were you one of the nearly 13 million people who tuned in to watch Supergirl Monday night? I hope so, because it was a treat. As a diehard Supergirl fan, I have been eagerly anticipating this show since it was first announced, and boy did it deliver. A review that truly expresses my joy would just be like a 30 minute video of me running around the backyard with a red towel pinned to my shoulders going “Whoooosh!” but since I live in NYC and don’t have a backyard, you get words instead. Sorry!

from Recap: Supergirl 1 x 01 – Pilot by Jessica Plummer


But regardless of who owns them, non-human comics characters overwhelmingly skew male—arguably moreso than their human counterparts. Male alien characters get to jellyfish, rage cats, fly people, and even sentient planets. Female aliens get to be sexy humanoids in wacky skin colors, if they’re present at all. Rare exceptions tend to be distaff counterparts (often love interests) to more prominent male non-human characters. See: Lyla to Rocket Raccoon, Mary-Crane Watsow to Spider-Ham.

Technically speaking, Tippy-Toe is Squirrel Girl’s second squirrel sidekick. The first was a male squirrel by the name of Monkey Joe (RIP). From the ashes, readers got Tippy-Toe—a squirrel sidekick who’s now more prominent than her successor.

With her new rank as (New) Avenger, Tippy-Toe is more poised than ever to inspire non-human ladies universe-wide. May she never go “nuts” with that power.

from Tippy-Toe: Hero, Revolutionary, Glamour Squirrel by Jon Erik Christianson

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