Critical Linking for October 30th, 2015


“I used to love correcting people’s grammar until I realized what I loved more was having friends.”

Because it is Friday and I love you: 24 Hilarious Tweets Every Grammar Nerd Will Understand.


Like everyone else, PW couldn’t get sales numbers from Amazon, but by studying the print bestseller list for a two-week period, we were able to determine that a title in Amazon’s top five averages 1,094 print copies sold across all channels, including other retailers, on a typical day. And because the general industry thinking is that Amazon accounts for about 30% of print sales, that means it likely takes around 300 copies per day to reach Amazon’s top five, depending on the day of the week and the time of year.

Just such a crazy low number.


From Henning Lederer, a series of 55 vintage book covers gently animated. 




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