Off-Panel: Representation of Disabled People in Comics

Our daily round-up of news around the comics space, from the gutters and beyond.

“CBS’ Supergirl took flight on Monday with 13 million viewers and a 3.1 rating (per finals) leading out of The Big Bang Theory — thus revealing its secret identity as the fall’s No. 1 series debut in total audience while tying the launch of NBC’s Blindspotin the coveted 18-49 demo.”

The fall’s #1 SERIES–YEAH YEAH! Where’s our Captain Marvel movie again?

“We have some pretty infantilizing views of disabled people. They must always be cared for, they always need our help as able-bodied people, or their lives are inspiration for us to draw from. In trying to be kind, we can actually end up being very invalidating.”

Representation of disabled people in comics is important, and this piece is thought-provoking.

“A few days ago, director Reed Morano and actor Olivia Wilde weighed in on a tweet urging the pair to tackle “Captain Marvel,” which will be the first Marvel film to feature a female protagonist.”

Olivia Wilde as Captain Marvel? That’s a casting choice I hadn’t thought about.



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