Book Fetish: Volume 182

Khaleesi Costume Tee Shirt: Overnight shipping exists for exactly this reason. I mean who can be bothered to find dragon eggs and a blonde wig at this late stage of the Halloween game?

khaleesi costume shirt

Never Sleep Duvet Cover: Your bed will never be as truthy as when you’re wrapped in this duvet cover.

never sleep duvet cover

Nancy Drew Kindle/Nook Cover: Custom made to fit most ereaders, your tablet case can be as steathy and awesome as Nancy.

nancy drew ereader cover

DIY Book Bowl: For me, fall is about being crafty – it’s the perfect season for indoorsy kind of people. What better project to dig into (with an audiobook in your ears) than a modge podge book bowl?

DIY book rope bowl

Book-Shaped Cup and Saucer: Why would you drink your tea out of anything else?

Book-Shaped Saucer Cup

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