Literary Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Year-Round

Some Halloween costumes are like the bridesmaid dress that you throw in your neice’s dress-up bin afterwards, and some are like the bridesmaid dress that you dye black and wear every weekend until it falls off your body.

If buying a bunch of dumb shit for one night feels wasteful to you, here are some costumes that are that second dress:

Our own Amanda Nelson crocheted herself a Katniss Cowl, and will be staying warm like a badass on Halloween night and all nights thereafter.


Cosplaying Katniss is also an excellent excuse to buy yourself a baller leather jacket. And then next year you can swap that cowl for a hoodie and some neck spikes and go as Lisbeth Salander.

lisbeth salander costumeSource

Jackets are such point-making Halloween props, and so useful afterwards. This yellow trench, paired with a yellow fedora and like a gun (or a badge or a notebook? I dunno, what do detectives use) just SCREAMS Dick Tracy, but on its own just gently suggests that you are impossibly chic and also highly visible at night probably.

dick tracy coatSource

Likewise, this coat, along with the right hat and maybe eleven other people similarly dressed, gets your tiny-brave-French-boarding-school-mite statement across.

madeline coatSource

Are you really just in need of a ton of denim right now? Buy ALL THE DENIM YOU WANT and then go as, like, literally any one of the Outsiders.

outsiders costumeSooooo much denim. Source

Going as Holly Golightly via Audrey Hepburn is a fine excuse to buy just like an insanely tailored lbd, and some pearls way out of your price range.

audrey hepburn costumeSource

Olivia the Pig is so annoying I could eat her. I hate that pig. Her dress, however, is extremely on point and I would wear a grown-up human version of it SO HARD. Look at this dress, I would wear it every damn day.

olivia dressSource

Literally anything Daisy or Gatsby wears at any time is worth slinking around town in six months later.

daisy and gatsbySource

What are your best reusable Halloween costume parts?

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