Critical Linking for October 27th, 2015


As a user of libraries to work in when my home office walls start to close in, I suggest we also need penalties, ranging from polite notices to death, for the following:

Hard to argue with these 5 Most Annoying Things at the Library.


HBO has put in development Tiny Beautiful Things, a drama series based on  Strayed’s bestselling 2012 book of the same name, a collection of essays compiled from Strayed’s Dear Sugar advice column. Strayed and her husband, filmmaker Brian Lindstrom, will write the TV adaptation, set to explore love, loss, lust and life through the eyes of a Portland family who live by the mantra that the truth will never kill you.

Going to be interesting to see how they make a narrative out of an advice column, but the heart of it will be compelling.


In my 15 years working in publishing, I’ve only worked with two people of color in editorial positions. If I included those in non-editorial positions (marketing, publicity, sales, etc.) the number doesn’t go up by much. 


It's the ABCs of being a booklover and the only way to conquer your TBR: Always Be Closing (another book). Get your limited-edition tee now!