Critical Linking: October 24, 2015

Though her shelves eventually went back to normal post-exhibition, Cnaani says she appreciates getting in touch with the sensual side of books. “When you examine a physical book apart from its usual function, you find a complicated and versatile object,” she said. “It has six faces that each of them is different, it can be soft and hard at the same time, it is colorful even when it is a monochrome, it can double its size when you open it, it can change its thickness while you’re turning pages.”

A textile artist reorganized bookshelves into some pretty — thought totally impractical — patterns. This is neat.


Dear Airbnb,

I’m happy to hear that you paid your taxes this year. I did too! Isn’t it awesome? However, I’ve crunched some numbers and I have some bad news for you. Out of your $12 mil of hotel tax, only 1.4% percent goes to the SF Public Libraries. So that’s $168,000. Divided by the 868 library staff, we have $193 per person. Assuming each employee works 5 days per week minus holidays, this is $0.78 per employee per day. Since that’s significantly under San Francisco minimum wage ($12.25/hr), I doubt that your hotel tax can keep the libraries open more than a minute or two later.

However, had you donated that $8 million you spent fighting Proposition F directly to the public libraries you love so much, that could have made a bigger difference. Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20!


Martha Kenney (San Francisco resident)

Bad, bad job Airbnb. Don’t mess with libraries.


Sexism on the internet is far from new, but it’s only in the last few years that we’ve really started talking about it. This is partly because contemporary feminists are the first generation to have lived the majority of their adult lives online, and are now ready to challenge the notion that just by being visible on the internet, women are somehow asking for abuse.

So what is cybersexism? Is it an inevitable part of women’s online experience? How can we battle sexist trolls? Why do trolls even exist in the first place? And how can we reclaim cyberspace for women? Here’s a reading list to get you started.

Cyber sexism rages on. These look like great reads.

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