Critical Linking for October 21st, 2015

Villains, in the end, are the characters we love to hate. Sometimes we even feel something for them and can sympathize with their motives. Some villains are pure evil and some are just trying to live their life as a tyrannical leader or to serve that leader, such as the White Witch or O’Brien from Nineteen Eighty-Four.  Answer these questions to see which villain from literature you most closely resemble.  

So, Which Literary Villain Are You?


“It’s interesting to think about whose idea it was to use what turned out to be a very useful resource … was it the translator of the Terence play, or the printer? Who the agent was behind the mark is very unclear,” Toner said. “But you then start to see it being used relatively quickly in dramatic works … in Ben Jonson plays, for example.”

I didn’t even know I wanted a history of the ellipsis…


Get ready for a gorgeous new design that makes the book cover the star of the page. Each page now has a simple, clean look that makes it easier than ever to shelve, rate and review your latest book.

An attractive (and overdue) redesign of book pages in the Goodreads iOS app.


Based on the $122,000+ that Cruz’s campaign paid HarperCollins, and considering the $27.99 retail price and the typical author discount of 50%, the Cruz campaign likely purchased 8,000-10,000 copies of A Time For Truth. That’s a hefty profit for HarperCollins and a huge profit for Cruz if the campaign is able to sell those copies at $85 a pop. In essence, the campaign is taking money from Cruz’s donors to buy books, many of which they will sell right back to those donors at a massive markup.

Now isn’t that a tidy little move.

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