Critical Linking for October 19th, 2015

Though we may never pinpoint why our culture is so glamoured by the horror genre’s mythic creatures, we can confidently say they continue to spook. Read on—in the daylight, of course—for our picks for the five scariest vampires in literature.

As this list of the 5 Scariest Vampires in Literature shows, our love for Dracula and his ilk will…lowers shades…never die.


The median age of those who responded to the 2014 survey was 35, down from 42 in 2013. The median number of years respondents have worked in publishing fell from 13 in 2013 to nine last year.

Lots of new, young blood in publishing it would seem. That’s quite a drop.


And while I did major live events in Washington, D.C. and in New York, each event only reached a few hundred people, at most. My NPR appearance alone justified the considerable cost of paying my way to, and around the U.S. on this tour, because it was bound to offer a boost in sales. While touring alone may be expensive and rarely leads directly to better book sales, Fresh Air alone can launch a bestseller.

I always knew that Fresh Air was influential, but this piece on book tours suggests it can make a book.


The online marketplace is suing people who had been offering on, a website that lets people do tasks for as little as $5, to write and post fake reviews. Amazon did not include the website in the complaint, choosing instead to go after the people writing the reviews. The lawsuit claims that a group of anonymous people — termed as “John Does” in the filing — have been offering to write five-star reviews for products in return for payment.

Yea, you shouldn’t be able to do this.

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