Off-Panel: Scanlations Harm the Manga Experience

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“Vixen says that despite her public drumbeat for greater diversity in comics — a message she says isn’t intended exclusively for black fans, but all comic book fans and creators of color — she doesn’t put too much focus on the Big 2 hitters in comics publishing, Marvel and DC. Instead, she focuses on independent imprints, where, if you’re really looking for diverse characters and creators, you can find them, she says.”

This is a great interview with Vixen, founder of #BlackComicsMonth, and there’s a video of her panel at NYCC embedded in the article.

“Despite the great strides the manga industry has made to keep up with the Japanese releases, there are still many fans who are simply unaware of the official versions. While scanlations may be free and available, we want to take this opportunity to let readers know how scanlations can negatively affect the creators, those who enjoy the series legally, and those who work on the manga.”

There’s been a big (and necessary) discussions about manga, and how pirating manga (“scanlations,” or scanned translations) hurts creators. This piece contains some spoilers, but is a great example of how scanlations are actually a negative reading experience.

“However, I also think that there’s a place for white creators to use the platforms that they’ve received in part through their privilege to tell the stories of those outside their own experiences, and to amplify them. There’s a place for white creators to do their homework, consult with those communities, and write characters and stories that are authentic and non-offensive.”

This is a thoughtful piece on white creators writing diverse stories.

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