Literally Literary Corn Mazes: 2015 Round-Up

I think getting lost in a corn maze–that doesn’t have psychopaths wielding chainsaws–with a book and bag full of Halloween candy sounds like a perfect day. I’d pick a nice corner in the maze to sit and read a chapter while munching on some candy. Then I’d stretch and take a few turns, not really caring if I get lost or not, and sit for another chapter. Give me a selection of literary corn mazes to choose from and I may bring my sleeping bag to my favorite one and never leave.

This year Kruger’s Monster Mash Maze in Sauvie Island, Oregon, brings Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula to life–at least those are the books I’d read while jumping around inside Dracula’s teeth.

KrugersFarm Monster Maize 2015 aerial photo

Treinen Farm in Lodi, Wisconsin, chose Aesop’s Fables as their theme and created ‘The Fox and the Grapes’ Corn Maze as their giant maze and used ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ for the children’s maze–let’s hope this doesn’t end with the fox eating the tortoise and the hare. I mean look at that smug face.

Treinen Farm Aesop's Fables Maze 2015

Go down the rabbit hole with Maze Craze in New Springfield, Ohio, who went with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for their theme this year.

Maze Craze Alice in Wonderland Corn Maze 2015

Maybe instead of there’s no place like home Fantozzi Farm in Patterson, California, wants you to think there’s no place like The Wizard of Oz maze–I think the Cowardly Lion would wait outside.

Fantozzi Farm The Wizard of Oz corn maze

Never grow up by visiting The Farmstead’s 2015 Peter Pan corn maze in Meridian, Idaho–hopefully Hook isn’t waiting around a corner.

The Farmstead's 2015 Peter Pan corn maze

Can’t get enough Alice? Mike’s Maze also went with the Wonderland theme and created Alice in Sunderland corn maze at Warner Farm in Sunderland, Massachusetts.

Alice in Sunderland Mike's Maze 2015

This next one is a bit of a cheat since it isn’t literary but I’m including it because she is a prolific song writer so if you’re a fan of Taylor Swift and are near Summers Farm in Frederick, Maryland, you might want to check out this year’s corn maze.

And while it’s not a current corn maze I thought it being Twilight’s tenth anniversary I’d end with Rutledge Farms 2011 Twilight Breaking Dawn Corn Maze. If you’re so inclined you can set the maze as your desktop while you read the new Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition which includes the new gender-bent story.

Twilight Breaking Dawn 2011 Corn Maze Rutledge Farms


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