Off-Panel: Celebrating Fandom at NYCC

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But more than celebrating any specific properties, the best panels celebrate fandom itself. Kevin Smith, introducing a panel to discuss his fanboy series Comic Book Men, talked about driving past the Javitz Center and seeing someone dressed not as a superhero but as him—a fan dressed as a fellow fan.

Wired explores the celebration of fandom at NYCC.

“No one person is definied by their sexuality,” Orlando stressed. “Make sure that you know your characters beyond their sexual orientation because that’s how we are in the day-to-day world.”

How to do better in depicting diverse sexualities and gender expressions in comics.

After agonizing over whether I was “worthy” or “qualified” to illustrate a Marvel cover, I really am proud with how it turned out. If someone believes in your work, you should too.

On the experience of illustrating a Marvel cover.

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