Off-Panel: An Original Tintin Drawing Sells for $1.2M

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And a friend of mine, another comic book writer, said something that is so smart that I wish I had said it: He said, “You don’t get that tattoo because you are a fan of something in the book. You get that tattoo because that book is a fan of something in you.” And I think that that encapsulates it so much better than anything that I have been able to construct.

This Kelly Sue DeConnick interview over at NPR is everything.

It’s up to attendees to ensure they’re loaded on vitamin C, getting friendly with hand sanitizer, keeping their fingers out of their nose-holes. But with 155,000 people packed together, it’s low odds that everyone is being so cautious. Instead of forcing habits, can attendees be encouraged to practice better hygiene? In the way that, say, hospitals do?

For all my friends at NYCC today, here’s an article on what to do about Comic-Con flu (or Con Crud, which, gross).

Tintin Drawing at Auction

This Tintin drawing, the last remaining in private hands, just sold for $1.2M.

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