Off-Panel: CIVIL WAR Part Deux Is Coming

Our daily round-up of news around the comics space, from the gutters and beyond.

“Oh no. Just in time for Captain America: Civil War, it looks like Marvel is returning to the well of the comic event that started it all—so shortly after Secret Wars offered its own take on the superhero political conflict, now we might be getting Civil War 2: Electric Superhuman Registration Boogaloo.”


“It’s this ugly tension that hints at the truth behind these clickbait headlines – that the (slightly) increasing diversity of fictional characters in no way relates to any progress behind the scenes.”

Let’s talk about race in comics, and how we need diversity on creative teams as well as on the page.

“But to celebrate DC Comics’ 80-year history, Sawaya has taken his skills to another level by creating multiple pop culture pieces: including a life-sized Batmobile.”

Yes, this is a life-sized Batmobile made of Legos. You’re welcome.

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