Critical Linking for October 5th, 2015

 Published in the past decade, these books have been criticized for explicit content, false claims, and so much more. Check out our list of some of the most controversial books of the last decade below, complete with publishers’ descriptions.

Not sure if I can find a thread to these most controversial books published in the last decade, save that there is a variety of ways for a book to be controversial.


In 1915, after working as a page at Doubleday and with publisher Mitchell Kennerley, Alfred A. Knopf accepted a $5,000 advance from his father to begin an eponymous publisher. The company’s first office was located in New York’s Candler Building, on West 42nd Street, and in addition to Knopf himself, its employees included two administrative staffers and an editorial assistant named Blanche Wolfe, Knopf’s fiancée.

100 years and untold mispronunciations later, Happy Birthday, Knopf.


Might we say it is gone because its author, illustrator, and publisher decided that the self-esteem of Native children matters? And, maybe, they decided that having it in there was a disservice to non-Native readers, too, skewing what they know about Native peoples? Maybe they just decided it was dated, and in an effort to market the book to today’s readers, that page would hurt sales.

I’m not sure if I’ve heard of a book being changed 25 years later to remove a moment of stereotypical representation, but why the heck not?

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