Critical Linking: October 4, 2015

Sure you can buy books on Amazon, but nothing compares to going to a bookstore and picking out the right title by hand. Here are some unique bookstores that are filled with as much charm as they are books. 

I’m ready for a trip around the world to check out these unique bookstores.


Here’s a list of romances where the heroes and heroines are more mature. They’re all over 30 and, in some cases, they are 40-plus. Everyone deserves to find the right person, and these books prove that age is not a factor in finding a Happily Ever After.

A nice round-up of romances where the main characters are not super young but instead, more mature.


The Goosebumps series features perhaps the most famous of R.L. Stine’s “Let’s Terrify The Everloving Stuffing Out Of Kids” books. Given that the target audience was mostly in primary school, the Goosebumps books couldn’t get too graphic (you had to wait for high school for that stuff, when the librarian let you switch to Fear Street), but they’re still responsible for more sleepless adolescent nights than clowns and dentists combined.

With the Goosebumps movie due out next month, former fans may be considering re-reading their old favourites. But will they still inspire terror now that we’re all grown-up? Turns out, they will… but for slightly different reasons.

This is pretty amusing.


Good luck to those of you who enter. Let’s just hope that “a group of 10 strangers spend Halloween night alone in a bookstore” doesn’t turn out to be quite as horror movie-esque as it sounds…

If you’re in Japan or know Japanese, you can apply to spend Halloween night in one of their bookstores. This sounds more fun to me than a haunted house.


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