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More critically, though, was that Lumberjanes’ trade delay seems substantially longer than the industry average. In October, BOOM! will finally ship Lumberjanes volume 2, containing issues #5-8, as well as Lumberjanes #19—an 11 issue gap between the trades and the floppies.  With a six-month delay between trades and each trade containing only four issues, the gap between floppies and trades will only grow; Amazon currently shows a projected release date of April 2016 for Lumberjanes volume 3, by which point the trades will be more than a year behind floppies, barring production delays.  In order to eventually catch up, I will probably have to start buying and stockpiling current issues while waiting for the next trade, a less than ideal solution when already struggling to keep my pull list down.

from My Problem with Lumberjanes by Guest Panelteer Charles Paul Hoffman


Comics are a great way to examine the world around us, to discuss difficult issues we all face in daily life. Whether it’s things we hope we never have to contemplate, or the things we feel deep down when it’s dark outside, these three comics examine three separate issues that we face in contemporary society, and each will help us further understand the human condition.

from 3 Must-Read Comics About Contemporary Issues by Swapna Krishna


From the day it was realeased in early 2015, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl has consistently made me laugh harder than any other comic out at the moment. And while I am super happy and thankful it’s returning when the All-New All-Different Marvel titles launch in October, I really miss Doreen, Nancy, and Tippy-Toe and laughing at every single issue Ryan North and Erica Henderson put out. So to tide us over, here are the moments from each issue that have made me laugh the hardest. This list is completely subjective and arbitrary and it was such a joy to come up with because it meant I had to read all eight issues over again. If you are as nuts about this series as I am, tell me what panels would’ve made your list, and if you haven’t picked up the first trade, I hope these snippets convince you.

from 8 Times The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Made Me Lose My Nuts by Christine Hoxmeier


Long Red Hair by Meags Fitzgerald (Jon Erik Christianson)

There are a zillion reasons to be thankful for Bisexual Visibility Week, and Meags Fitzgerald’s memoir comicLong Red Hair is absolutely one of them. The color palette took me off-guard at first; it’s entirely comprised of greens and oranges, but it really works at conveying everyday mundanity with the green and sharp details that pop (a comic, long red hair, Jessica Rabbit) with the orange. Through her refreshing honesty and dry, comedic humor, Fitzgerald crafts a story that’s engaging, relatable, and a lot of fun.

from The Best Comics We Read In September by Kris Saldaña


You know that feeling when you get home with your fresh stack of pulls, put them in order, and start reading? This feeling—not unlike the feeling you get with the smell of a new book—has been replaced with the deep anxiety of figuring out what’s missing.

That satisfied, excited feeling I used to get when I sat down to read my new pulls has been replaced with a great anxiety of figuring out what’s missing.

from Geek Problems: The Angst of the Missing Pulls by Emily Wenstrom


This one’s for my fellow Faniltons (fans of the Broadway hit, “Hamilton,” about founding father Alexander Hamilton). Now that “Hamilton: The Original Broadway Cast Recording” has been released, are you looking for something to read while you obsessively listen to it on repeat? Are you someone who can “never be satisfied” until you’ve devoured all things even slightly Hamilton-adjacent? Have you already read “every treatise on the shelf?” Well, I’ve got some comics suggestions for you.

from The Story of Tonight: Comics for Faniltons (Fans of Hamilton) by Becca Sexton

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