Critical Linking: October 3, 2015

Needless to say, any book that finds itself at the center of controversy, young adult or not, is going to have a few fans in Hollywood. Many have become huge hits: the Harry Potter series, The Color Purple, To Kill a Mockingbird. But a few, despite having legions of fans and solid plots ripe for the picking, have fallen through the cracks in the annals of film adaptation history. Here’s a wish list of six books in search of a director whose controversial beginnings weren’t quite enough to give them a screen birth.

I’d watch any of these on the big screen.


These are some pretty rad bookish staircases.


And for every hesitant author or editor, there was one enthusiastic about the project. “Sure, I’m slightly embarrassed, in an amused way, by the zines I published up to 50 years ago,” wrote a fan who said they’d seen at least one of their old zines in UI’s library. “But I published them — typos, grammatical infelicities, naiveté, and all — for people who might enjoy them, and that still holds.”

A really fascinating piece about how the University of Iowa is archiving and preserving fanzines, particularly those in the scifi world. You can also peek at some of their collection on Tumblr.


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